click here and the download of the Justcloud application should commence automatically. A prompt may show ..." />
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How do I download and install Justcloud?

To download the application on a Windows computer simply click here and the download of the Justcloud application should commence automatically. A prompt may show asking if Justcloud_setup.exe should be downloaded or saved, select Yes or Save File to do so. The download will then begin and should only take a few seconds to finish.

Once the download has completed the install process will most likely begin automatically. If not, simply access the browser downloads folder and double click on the Justcloud setup file. This will begin the install of the application.

After clicking install the application will begin to be installed onto the computer, when it completes an email address and password for a Justcloud account needs to be entered to continue. If an account has not been created by this stage that is no problem, by simply clicking the link in the bottom left of the login screen brings up the Justcloud sign up window.

After entering login information, clicking the button labelled Next will go to the next step where files are chosen for backup. There are two options here, Backup ‘My Documents’ which simply means the contents of the My Documents folder will be backed up, or Custom Selection which means you can pick and choose the exact files and folders you want to backup.

On most Windows computers documents, pictures, music and videos are being saved within the My Documents folder. However, we have included the custom selection option for users who may have more than one hard drive, want to backup flash drives or backup files located elsewhere on their hard disk. Selecting Custom Selection will open a window displaying the folder and file structure on the computer.

So choosing files using custom selection means a unique pattern of files and folders can be selected for backup. So, for example, if only one file in a folder needs to be backed up, or a couple of sub folders, this can very easily be selected. Once folders and files have been ticked and selected for backup, clicking the button labelled Save Changes returns back to the previous screen.

Next, the install is completed. At this point your taskbar and desktop icons re-load as the Justcloud service integrates itself onto the computer.

Once the configuration completes the application is fully installed on your computer. Presuming the computer has a backup license a backup will begin almost immediately. Each computer the application is installed on needs a license to backup files but not to restore previously backed up files or access the Justcloud Sync Folder.

The Justcloud application will run automatically in the background each time the computer is turned on, the app can be seen running in the Windows System Tray.