Why do you keep charging my PayPal account?

If you have chosen to pay via PayPal, a PayPal subscription will be set up.

A PayPal subscription is a recurring payment of which the billing frequency and amount are defined by us but it is completely controlled by you, the owner of the PayPal account. Therefore, if you choose to pay by an alternative payment method or change the billing frequency of your account it is vital you change or cancel any PayPal subscriptions you have set up to pay us.

If you have canceled your Just Cloud account with us but have left your PayPal subscription running and then been billed, don't panic. We fully understand the situation and would request that you email billing@justcloud.com and let us know either your PayPal email address or the PayPal Unique Transaction ID(s). We can then easily refund these back to you and guide you through canceling the subscription if need be.